Friday, December 10, 2010

The Importance of Corporate Culture

Last weekend I attended a Holiday party a client graciously invites me to each year.  We've all been to numerous Holiday parties over the years and they are generally good fun and we enjoy good company!  This particular party last week was very different in one way...this company's marketing group put together a film production chronicling a number of subplots and themes (one such example is the "rumor" that tunnels exist below their office building which they were accessing by going under their desks...looked to be true!).  The main message of the film was congratulatory in nature.  This company, and its President, have been in business for 30 years.

The performance given captivated the entire audience for what seemed approximately 30 minutes, give or take, in duration.  It wasn't as much the message that really grabbed my attention (no offense, 30 years in business is quite an accomplishment).  No, it wasn't as much the was the messengers that really made quite an impression on me.  Virtually all the employees of the company were featured in this film (yes, it was good enough of a production to be called a film) and they were HAVING FUN!  One of the ladies was even singing the "I want to be a billionaire so f*&^%!g bad" song at one point and then the original song played in the background...good times!

This company has figured it out, something special that can't easily be quantified or bottled.  It would be great if we could all have organizations where the morale was at the high levels I saw depicted throughout this film, especially in these tougher times!  Although not easily quantified, the business results are generally very directly correlated to the attitudes and morale of the team producing those results.

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